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My husband and I were at the grocery store yesterday and I was griping about how sick I am of hearing about the royal couple and royal baby. “Who cares?” I lamented. He responded that different people are interested in different things. We talked about things that we are interested in that no one else cares about and then he got very serious. As we made our way to my car, he turned to me and said, “You know, you have to do a caption contest and you have to start with the truck on a stick photo.” I laughed, because I knew he was right now and the wheels started turning in my brain. What funny pictures had I taken in the past? What funniness was about in the world…just waiting to be captured?

And with that, I present to you…Caption this Capture…a weekly photo caption contest. I will post a photo every Saturday morning and you will have the week to submit a humorous, thoughtful, hilarious, and/or silly caption. Those of you who know me or read this blog regularly, know that I am obsessed with photo books, so by submitting a caption, you are agreeing to have your caption printed in a future photo book. You can submit your caption here in the comments section of the blog or on the Joy of Life Photography by Jen Keller Facebook page. The following Saturday, when I send out the new caption contest photo, I will announce the winner of the previous week’s contest.

May you find joy in people’s wit and creativity. I know that I will.

Caption this Capture Week #1



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