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Can you imagine living in a world without photographs of your family? As I sit here in my office, I am surrounded by photos…a recent school picture of my niece…my husband and I from a trip to Jamaica…my grandma and I dancing at a wedding…my mother-in-law being her silly self…my dad and I are my wedding…they are everywhere. Check out this article on a woman, who decided to give back to the world with her photography. She traveled to India with a camera and printer and made and distributed 1,000 prints to people, who had never had their photo taken. The story is beautiful and inspiring.

I love taking portraits, especially seniors getting ready to graduate from high school and couples getting ready to embark on a life together. I truly cannot imagine a world without those images. Check out some of my portraits here.

My husband recently reconnected with a friend from school. While telling my sister-in-law about what this friend has been up to, she told us about a teacher our nephew had in second grade. After losing her best friend and husband in an airplane accident, she quit teaching and started a company called Purposeful Wanderings, that combines her love of teaching and travel.

While searching for Sarah’s website, I came across this blog. Ironically it was this writer’s final blog post as he has decided to start a new venture in 2016. However, I love the description of how he spends every New Year’s day morning, which is toward the end of the post.

I thought that I had posted this talk in my first Joy Bites newsletter, but I was mistaken. I came across this TED talk during break and I fell in love with the idea. Hannah Brencher had recently graduated from college and was suffering from terrible depression, which is easy to do when living in NYC. She did the only thing she knew how to do– something her mother had done. She started writing love letters to strangers and leaving them all over New York City. The result of her efforts is inspiring and beautiful. I cannot wait to get involved.

Peppermint chocolate chip ice cream might be my favorite ever. This recipe makes me very skeptical, but I have to try it. Healthy and ice cream are not usually found in the same sentence together.

May your day be filled with joy!


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