This week’s Joy Bites…


Find what gives you joy and go there. What simple and perfect advice to consider as we start the new year. Your Bites of Joy this week give you some excellent examples of people, who are doing just that.

Watch a TED talk by three teenage boys, who love bluegrass and share there love of it with a crowd. I am sure there are tons of teens, who don’t even know what bluegrass is and might not think it is as amazing as they do. They don’t care. They choose joy. Love it!  TED – Teenaged Boy Wonders Play Bluegrass

Before last week, I had never heard of Derek Sivers. Now I cannot stop thinking about him or the podcast he did with Tim Ferriss. He has gotten life figured out and he embodies joy. His website is very no frills, but his recommended list of books has some gems in it. For the full story listen to podcast #1 with Tim Ferriss, but even better is the follow up #2.

Find what gives you joy and go there! For me that is a walk in a beautiful garden with my macro lens. I am very excited that my husband bought me a light tent for Christmas. I signed up for a macro class and in a few minutes I am heading out to collect a bunch of fun trinkets to practice my craft– to pursue joy!  Here are some of my favorite images from various garden walks.

Lastly, winter has finally arrived in Illinois and I was looking for some healthy comfort food recipes. I came across this one for oatmeal muffins. My neighbor rescued me and gave me some applesauce so that I could try them out. They are ridiculously delicious.


Joy is all around joy. Open your eyes and choose joy!


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