Joy is Lupita Cocina…

This week has been tough. As a teacher, the kids are itching for spring break. That makes teaching them a bit like trying to nail Jell-o to a wall. The weather has kicked into spring gear, which makes me a bit distracted. So by the time Thursday came along, I really did not have much more to give. Then one of my favorite level 4 kids came in and asked me if I would help him with a fundraiser. It would involve me talking about my dear friend, who passed away last fall. I did not hesitate to say yes. The afternoon was incredibly emotional and when I left school I was zonked. I knew I was supposed to go home and work out, but I really just wanted to cry…so much for a blog on joy!

I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home and that was I was not feeling up to working out. He was actually in the middle of some errands and needed to make a trip out to DeKalb to pick something up. It would be about a 45 minute drive from our house, so we decided to make a mini-road trip out of it. He downloaded a podcast for us to listen to and found us a Mexican restaurant for dinner. There is something about the opening few seconds of a Tim Ferriss podcast that just transforms my entire attitude into vacation/relaxation mode.

Enter into the picture Lupita’s Cocina and our server Cesar.

The reviews of the restaurant on YELP were stellar, which is why we were surprised to be the only diners that night. Cesar recommended the blueberry margarita and I was in just the mood to try it. My husband got a traditional and we continued to explore the menu. Normally when we are in road trip mode, we split an entree. However that night we were both pretty hungry, so we decided to try a little bit of a bunch of things.

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Cesar brought a plate of chips and bean dip. Some people might balk at the fact that it was a small tasting of chips and dip. We loved it, because we did not fill up on chips and salsa like we normally would. The dip was very good…not spicy and not bland. Our flautas came a little while later and they were a true treat! They were presented in the colors of the flag of Mexico with an avocado cream sauce, Chihuahua cheese and then a spicy mole sauce. Neither of us had ever had flautas and these were very good. Again, the portion size was ideal. We split the plate and still had room for dinner…and dessert!









Cesar recommended the steak tacos, so that is what I ordered. My husband got the pastor tacos and we shared. Tacos al pastor are my favorite and I have tried them in a lot of places. These were fabulous! Everything was fresh and the flavors were delicious…not too spicy, but not bland either. The steak tacos were the same. The meat was perfectly cooked–tender and seasoned perfectly.










We hardly ever order dessert, because we are usually too stuffed. My husband spotted fried ice cream (one of my favorites). Then Cesar mentioned churros and we decided to split both. The fried ice cream was good, but the churros were exceptional. They were stuffed with some sort of caramel cream…oh my!










The great part about showing up at a really popular restaurant on an off night is that we got to chat with Cesar for a while. Chef Roberto Barojas and owner Jose Quintero worked with famous chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless for a long time, before venturing out to St. Charles. I have always wanted to try his restaurants, but can never get in. Now we don’t need to, we have an awesome alternative fifteen minutes from our house!


Thank you Cesar for taking such good care of us. We will be back again soon!0W 222 Lafox Rd Saint Charles IL 60175


May your weekend be filled with joy!



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