• Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter Buddies
  • Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter Buddies

Joy is Theo…

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In 2016 my husband and I took a two week road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle. By the time we got to Seattle, we had seen some of the most amazing scenery this country has to offer. We had eaten fish that had been pulled right out of the ocean. We had spent amazing quality time together laughing and enjoying life. We were ready to go home. One of the places I had heard about as a must-visit in Seattle was Theo’s Chocolates. It turned out that their factory store was a few blocks walking distance from where we were staying. We arrived the first night a few minutes before they were closing up– just in time to quickly purchase a package of their famous dark chocolate peanut butter cups. We split the package and savored every last bite. We returned each of the remaining days that we were in town and bought our packages both days! When I was leaving the store the last time I spotted a cookbook which featured recipe with their world famous chocolate. I made a mental note to order the book when we got home.

We arrived back home and I quickly ordered the cookbook. Upon flipping through the book, I was elated to see that the Peanut Butter Buddies recipe was in the book and they did not look that difficult to make. They suggested a specialty brand of peanut butter that was only available in our area at Whole Foods (or as we call it Whole Paycheck!). Then I had to learn how to temper chocolate which sounded much more difficult than it actually was.


This weekend I was supposed to spend both days in the garden pulling weeds and preparing to plant my flowers. However Mother Nature had other plans for me. Rain and cold left me with no desire to be outside for a long time. My husband offered to make the trek out to Whole Foods with me to get the PB, so it looked like I was going to have a foodie adventure instead.

This is the peanut butter we were in search of by CB Nuts. It is NOT cheap. We paid almost $9 for a single jar of organic peanut butter. After finishing up the recipe, I am not entirely convinced that these would not be delicious with any natural peanut butter. Next time we’ll try that and see.


There are very few places where you can buy Theo Chocolate bars in our area. Whole Foods had them for $6 per bar and that was just more than we were willing to pay when we needed 9 bars for the recipe. I ended up buying bars of Ghiradelli from our local grocery store for a fraction of that price. They are available on the Theo website for $4/ bar + shipping.The Ghiradelli were just dandy, so no worries going with that brand.

I needed one more thing to make this project complete and that was a candy thermometer. I picked up a nice digital one at Williams Sonoma that allowed me to know precisely when the candy hit 305 degrees.

Finally I had everything I needed to get started. The candy making process to create the filling was incredibly easy to make. If you have ever made a candy base then you are half way there. Add the peanut butter and voila you have your base. That sits for 12 hours—holy patience batman! I was relatively nervous about tempering the chocolate because I had never done it before. The process was so easy that I cannot wait to do it again. It took me longer to chop the chocolate than it did to temper the chocolate. Then I double dipped them and voila I had bundles of chocolate peanut butter heaven.

We cannot keep stuff like that in our house because we have absolutely no self control. So we bundled up a package for our neighbors and ran them over to them. The resounding review is “freaking awesome.” I cannot wait to bring another stack in tomorrow for my co-workers.

There is nothing better in my book than to share a piece of my joy with others!

Next time I am going to make the chocolate covered smores. Yummo!


May your day be filled with joy, too!

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